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Calves and heifers shouldn’t have to sweat

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Heat abatement during high temperatures is important for keeping calves and heifers comfortable and growing.

Some tips for helping your herd deal with hot weather may include:

• Decrease solar load by providing shade

• Heat abatement structures do not have to be new or expensive. A pre-existing structure can be altered to provide air exchange and increase natural ventilation.

• Increase convective cooling

• This may be as simple as clearing a side wall and removing the metal to provide air exchange

• Increase evaporative cooling capabilities

• Install mechanical ventilation - for example have high motor fans circulation fans to increase cooling and air velocity

• Fans should be mounted over the cows

• Add evaporative cooling

• Increase water space - provide an additional drinking station

• This may include installing timed sprinklers in stalls

• Sprinklers provide direct cooling for cows while using a low pressure system and can be added in in the holding area or return lane

• Be proactive and consider heat abatement techniques to implement in your facility.

Source: Penn State University. (Dan McFarland, John Tyson and David Wolfgang, VMD). Hot Weather Management in Freestall and Tie Stall Dairies.