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Dairy’s value seen by Susquehanna County’s dairy royalty

MONTROSE, Pa. -- Did you know that dairy farms contribute 6 billion dollars in economic revenue to the Pennsylvania economy each year? The impact of the Commonwealth’s 7200 dairy farms reaches far beyond the billions of pounds of milk produced annually. We see the benefits of a thriving dairy industry in virtually every aspect of our lives.

From the 933 jobs fueled by the dairy industry in Susquehanna County alone to the multitude of various dairy foods available for us at our local grocery stores, day or night, keeping the dairy and agricultural industries on track spells success in every meaning of the word.

Dairy isn’t just good for the economy; it can do wonders for our bodies and minds as well. Studies have shown that consuming the recommended three daily servings of low fat dairy foods, such as milk cheese and yogurt, can contribute to increased muscle mass and stronger bones and teeth; protecting us from dangerous and all-too-common ailments like osteoporosis in adults and rickets in children. Here in the Keystone State, we’re lucky to have an abundant supply of fresh and wholesome dairy foods to enjoy. Odds are, the milk you purchase at the local grocery store came from a farm less than 100 miles away. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

So, the next time you find yourself driving past one of the family owned and operated dairy farms that are home some of to Susquehanna County’s 8400 dairy cows or even if you’re just sitting down to a tall, cold glass of milk with your meal, remember to think beyond the gallon jug in your refrigerator or the carton on your tray at lunchtime. Pennsylvania’s dairy farms have made a tradition of keeping our economy, our communities, and our bodies growing strong, and with our support as neighbors, consumers, and fellow stewards of the land, air, and water on which they raise their animals and grow their crops, they’ll continue to do so in the decades to come.