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Open house in southern Lancaster County, June 10th
Thoroughly modern milking open for all to see

PEACH BOTTOM, Pa. -- Dairy producers interested in innovation and progressive milking equipment, herd management systems, and housing design are invited to attend an open house at Slate Hill Farm on June 10 from 10 a.m to 1 p.m.

Owned by Burnell and Mary Jane Nolt. Slate Hill farm is located at 1332 Furniss Rd., Peach Bottom. A picnic-style lunch will be served at noon.

Attendees will be able to see the new double-12 parallel parlor featuring DeLaval’s Champion stalls - a parlor built for shorter milking time. The parlor also includes an AfiMilk herd management system, using daily milk weights, cow activity, and milk conductivity to aid in cow management, heat detection, and culling decisions.

The family will be available for an open question and answer session before lunch.

“We upgraded to bring in the next generation,” Burnell Nolt explained. “It’s going to be a lot easier to milk cows versus how we did it the old way.”

The Nolts moved to the farm in 1983 and began milking in a 60-cow tie stall barn, expanding to an 86-cow tie stall barn in 2008. The new facility holds 242 cows in a freestall barn located on a farm site the family purchased in 1999. The farm is also separating manure solids to recycle for deep-bedded freestalls. They’ve been milking in the new facility since November 2013.

Jim Zimmerman, with JBZ Dairy Advantage, hopes that producers take the opportunity to see a great dairy farm during the open house. “We’re honored to be part of this project and work with a great family,” Zimmerman said. JBZ installed the parlor equipment and stalls. “Dairy farmers looking for new ideas and the latest milking procedures should be sure to come to the open house.”

Chris Stoltzfus of White Horse Construction also would like to see you there, “We’re pleased to be part of this great facility, and look forward to seeing you at the farm on Tuesday, June 10!”

White Horse Construction and the farm’s other vendors are organizing the open house and can be contacted with any questions at 610-593-5559.