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PDPP presents scholarships

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- The Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program (PDPP) has awarded its 2013 Dairy Science Scholarship to Rose Guerrette, a student at Delaware Valley College, and its 2013 Food Marketing Scholarship to Christine Toner, a student at Saint Joseph’s University.

The $1500 scholarships are funded by Pennsylvania’s dairy farmers through dairy checkoff and are offered to full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the dairy science program at Delaware Valley College and the food marketing program at St. Joseph’s University. Criteria include academic achievement, experience in the dairy industry and/or preference to marketing dairy foods as part of the student’s undergraduate work.

Rose Guerrette of Bethlehem, Conn., is an incoming sophomore studying dairy science at Delaware Valley College. After graduation, she would like to become an elite breeder of dairy cattle.

Christine Toner of Philadelphia, Pa., is an incoming junior enrolled in the Department of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. She aspires to a position that connects her passion of interacting with people and her wish to communicate food choices through marketing.

“We are pleased to award these scholarships to such well-deserving students,” said Harold Shaulis, chairman of the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program board of directors. “We look forward to Rose and Christine using this investment to help further their careers in the dairy industry.”