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Volunteered at the AADS? This picnic is for you

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- As part of the Golden Jubilee celebration of the 50th All-American Dairy Show, the show is seeking all of the past volunteers of the show. Did you ever serve as a ringman, check entries, work as a sanitation engineer, keep records, or otherwise help at the show ring, or the barns, or the milk house?

Or maybe you volunteered at the Pennsylvania Junior Show, All-American breed shows, or Pennsylvania Holstein Championship State Show. Did you help with the showmanship contests, the dairy management contest, the judging contests, or breed sales? Did you help deliver the early morning donuts and coffee to the barns? However you may have helped, the All-American Dairy Show wants to thank you at their Volunteer Appreciation Picnic.

It will be held on Saturday, Sept. 7, from 5-7 p.m. in the VIP Room of the Pennsylvania Farm show Building in Harrisburg. RSVP’s appreciated: aads@pa.gov or call the AADS office: 717-787-2905