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Northern Tier Holstein Championship Show
Entries from Boops and Peases rise to the top


MESHOPPEN, Pa. -- The Northern Tier Holstein Championship Show took place here at the Wyoming County Fairgrounds on August 1 with Garritt Sammons, placing the 94 head shown. Top honors were won by Doug and Matt Boop of Millmont and the Pease Famly of Susquehanna. Highlights of both the youth and open show follow:

Youth show champions
Junior champion:
Heart & Soul DD Reminisce-ET, a fall calf sired by Regancrest Dundee ET; owned by Matthew Boop.
Reserve junior champion: J&K Vue Goldsun Rayna-ET, a winter calf sired by Toc-Farm Goldsun-ET; owned by Doug Boop.
Intermediate champion: J&K Vue Atwoods Greatest-ET, s senior 2-year old sired by Maple-Downs-I GW Atwood-ET; owned by Doug Boop.
Reserve intermediate champion: Heart & Soul CS Roxanne-ET, a junior 2-year old sired by Cedarwal Spirte; owned by Matthew Boop.
Senior and grand champion: Heart & Soul Algn Riske-ET, a 5-year old daughter of EK-Oseeana SG Allegiance-ET; owned by Matthew Boop.
Reserve senior, reserve grand: Heart & Soul Reggie Regina-ET, winner of the 150,000-pounds class, sired by Terrick Reggie; owned by Doug Boop.

Open show champions
Junior champion:
Heart & Soul DD Reminisce-ET, Matthew Boop.
Reserve junior champion: Welsh-Edge Fever Huggable, a winter yearling sired by Crackholm Fever-ET; owned by Sweet Peas Holsteins and David Dymant, Susquehanna.
Intermediate champion: Arethusa Jasper Klove-ET, a senior 3-year old sired by Wilcox Jasper-ET; owned by Sweet-Peas Holsteins, Susquehanna.
Reserve intermediate champion: BVK Atwood Abbie-ET, a senior 2-year old sired by Maple-Downs-I GW Atwood-ET; Owner: Sweet-Peas Holsteins.
Senior and grand champion: J& K Vue Goldwyn Glamour-ET, a 5-year old Braedale Goldwyn daughter; Owner: Doug Boop.
Reserve senior champion: Raggi Goldwyn Atlee-ET, a 4-year old daugher of Braedale Goldwyn; owned by Sweet-Peas Holsteins.
Reserve grand champion: Arethusa Jasper Klove-ET, the intermediate champion owned by Sweet-Peas Holsteins.
Best animal bred and owned: Heart & Soul C Me Im Radiant, a 4-year old sired by Patience Showline Contender-Red; Owner: Matthew Boop.
Premier Exhibitor: Sweet Peas Holsteins, Lloyd and Denise Pease Family.
Premier Breeder: Heart & Soul Holsteins, Douglas & Jennifer Boop Family.
Class placings follow, with youth entries indicated by parentheses (1).
Spring calves: 1. Olivia Lesher, Millmont, with J & K Vue Windbrook Gigi; 2. (1) Carter Brown; 3. Sweet Peas, Susquehanna; 4. She-Ken and Frank & Diane Borba; 5. (2) Laura Lesher, Millmont.
Winter calves: 1. (1) Douglas Boop, Millmont, with J & K Vue Goldsun Rayna-ET; 2. (2) Colton Snyder; 3. (3) Kyle Jackson; 4. Sonnen Holsteins, Millville; 5. (4) Matthew Deome, Montrose; 6. (5) Sara Kennedy.
Fall calves: 1. (1) Matthew Boop, Millmont, with Heart & Soul DD Reminisce-ET; 2. (2) Hannah Jackson; 3. (3) Colton Snyder; 4. She-Ken Holsteins; 5. Sweet Peas; 6. Carter Brown; 7. Curly Heits Farm, Springville.
Summer yearlings: 1. Sonnen Holsteins with Sonnen Windrbook S KissIt; 2. (1) Douglas Boop; 3. Sweet Peas; 4. Sweet Peas.
Spring yearlings: 1. Sweet Peas with Lylehaven Durham Chasity-ET; 2. Mark Lutz & Amanda Kennedy, Columbia Crossroads; 3. (1) Katy Jackson; 4. (2) Shawnee Comstock; 5. Sweet Peas; 6. (3) Cael Hembury, Muncy.
Winter yearlings: 1. Sweet Peas & David Dymont with Welse-Edge Fever Huggable; 2. (1) Matthew Boop; 3. Sonnen Holsteins.
Fall yearlings: 1. Sweet Peas with Sweet-Peas Sid Wendy; 2. Sonnen Holsteins; 3. Ian Briechle, Kingsley; 4. Beverly Traver, Monroe Twp.
Jr. best three: 1. J & K Vue Farms; 2. Sonnen Holsteins; 3. Sweet-Peas.
Jr. 2-year olds: 1. Sweet Peas with BVK Atwood Abbie-ET; 2. (1) Matthew Boop; 3. (2) Douglas Boop; 4. Sabrina Clark, Springville.
Sr. 2-year olds: 1. (1) Douglas Boop with J & K Vue Atwoods Greatest-ET; 2. (2) Sela Beeman; 3. Curly Heits Farm; 4. (3) Zach Klinger, Orangeville.
Jr. 3-year olds: 1. Jan Jurbala & Sandi Hock, Orangeville, with Elites-JSJ Liqueur Marble; 2. Sweet Peas; 3. (1) Devon Greenwood.
Sr. 3-year olds: 1. Sweet Peas with Arethusa Jasper Klover-ET; 2. Steven Wagner; 3. Snowcrest; 4. (1) Emory Bewley, Susquehanna.
4-year olds: 1. Sweet Peas with Raggi Goldwyn Atlee-ET; 2. Matthew Boop; 3. Sweet Peas.
5-year olds: 1. Douglas Boop with J & K Vue Goldwyn Glamour-ET; 2. (1) Matthew Boop.
6-years and older: 1. Promise Haven with Breck-B-De Titanic Ruth.
150,000 lbs.: 1. JoSan Farm, Susquehanna, with Jericho-Dairy Charlize-ET; 2. Sweet Peas; 3. (1) Douglas Boop.
Dry cow: 1. Snowcrest Milan with Snowcrest Blitz MyLeah.
Best three: 1. Heart & Soul.
Produce of dam: 1. Heart & Soul Farm with Heart & Soul Allegiance Ribbon; 2. Emory Bewley.