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Hoober Feeds invites you to ‘Chew on this Tour’

Two big red tractor trailers will be parked at Hoober Feeds, Lancaster County, Pa., on Wednesday, August 28. One will supply free food, the other a startling video about the challenges ahead for production agriculture in feeding a fast-growing world population.

GORDONVILLE, Pa. -- The “Chew On This Tour” is coming to the village of Gordonville on Wednesday, August 28. Specifically, the location is the Gordonville Fire Company on Leacock Road. Hoober Feeds encourages you to attend. Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. But don’t expect to just chew on the barbecue sandwiches, which will be provided fee of charge. It’s the startling information that the folks at Hoober Feeds would like you to have an awareness of. It’s all about present-day hunger in the word and the challenges that food producers and agri-businesses face trying to feed the fast-growing world population.
Many people -- farmers and consumers -- have already seen the tour.

About 150 people attended the exciting, one-of-a-kind event at White Oak Mills, Elizabethtown, Pa., on Monday, August 12. In collaboration with Elanco and Nutra Blend, the Chew On This Tour featured two custom-built tractor trailers, one a high-tech movie theater on wheels and the other a BBQ kitchen on wheels.

This unique road show is stopping at feed mills all around the country, spreading the word about world hunger and sustainable food production. Participants enjoyed a hearty BBQ meal, watched a film hosted by Bill Goldberg, former NFL lineman and champion wrestler, and tested their knowledge on interactive kiosks.

“We were happy to host this event,” says Jennifer Hampshire, White Oak Mills marketing & sales account manager. “It was an opportunity for our employees and customers to get together and get fired up about what we do for a living. Sustainable agriculture plays an important role in meeting the challenge of feeding a growing population.”

Some of the eye-opening information from the film:
• 870 million people worldwide don’t get enough food.
• Hunger kills more people worldwide than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. It kills more people than all forms of cancer combined.
• Hunger isn’t just a problem in Third World countries. In Kansas City, 1 in 5 children get their only decent meal at school. In San Diego, it’s 1 in 4.
• The global population is expected to grow to more than 9 billion by mid-century.
• By 2050, we will need 70% more food. Most of it will have to come from efficiency-enhancing products and technologies.
• The carbon footprint of a gallon of milk has decreased by 63% since 1944. One cow today produces as much as five cows did back then.
• It takes 33% less land and 12% less water to produce one pound of beef today than it did in 1977.
If you have not yet seen this eye-opening exhibit, next Wednesday, August 28, is your chance in Lancaster County. The folks at Hoober Feeds cordially extend an invitation and it’s all free.