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Look at longevity, they urge

DeLaval hosted a scientific conference at Hamra Farm outside Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 28-29, bringing industry experts together to discuss cow longevity economics and other cow comfort topics.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden. -- For the first time ever, 12 leading dairy farming scientists and experts met here August 28-29 to discuss and elaborate on issues regarding cow comfort and best practices to increase lifetime productivity.

The conference, hosted by DeLaval at Hamra Farm outside of Stockholm, aimed to bring answers to these questions: How can I make my cows live longer, keep the culling rate down and maintain productivity at the same time?

The conference also included discussions about cow longevity economics, hoof health, mastitis, fertility, stress, and cow comfort in lying, standing and feeding areas. Scientists and expert practitioners shared their “state-of-the-art” knowledge in cow comfort and discussed how farmers can best manage their herds in a healthy and sustainable way.

“The high turnover rate of cows in intensive milk production is receiving increased attention around the globe. Apart from welfare consequences, too short a productive lifetime has a negative impact on farm profitability and sustainability. We believe that all actors in the dairy industry are responsible for making sustainable milk production possible. One of the aims of the conference is therefore to bring awareness and knowledge on how to improve the productive lifetime yield of cows,” said Tim Nicolaï, a vice president at DeLaval International.