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National Dairy Shrine has honored many from region

National Dairy Shrine President

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Over the years, National Dairy Shrine has honored many of the key leaders of the All-American Dairy Show. Several of the early founders of the All-American have been honored as Dairy Shrine Pioneers or Guests of Honor.

• Cuthbert “Scotty” Nairn, the first chairman of the All-American Dairy Show, was an Ayrshire breeder and Dairy Shrine Pioneer from Bryn Mawr, Pa. Some of his cattle served as the foundation for the famous Ardrossan herd nar Villanova, Pa. This herd was developed by ...

• Mrs. Hope Scott, a recipient of the National Dairy Shrine Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder Award. It was presented to her in 1988 at the Dairy Shrine banquet in Harrisburg, celebrating the All-American’s 25th anniversary.

• Joe Taylor, a Penn State dairy Extension specialist and Dairy Shrine Pioneer, is credited with much of the vision for the All-American Show and was a driving force behind its creation.

• Obie Snider, a Holstein breeder and Dairy Shrine Pioneer from Imler, Pa,, served for many years as president of the All-American Dairy Show.

• William Nichol is a Dairy Shrine Pioneer who also played an important role in the establishment and growth of the All-American Dairy Show.

• Donald Seipt of Keystone Farm near Easton, Pa. received National Dairy Shrine’s Pioneer Award just last year.

• Harry Roth, who for many years served as manager of Atlantic Breeders, was recognized by Dairy Shrine as a Pioneer Award recipient for his distinguished career in the A.I. industry.

Two Dairy Shrine honorees have served as treasurer of the All-American Show. The first was ...

• John Morris, of Maryland 4-H judging team coaching fame, was named Guest of Honor in 1988. His successor as treasurer was ...

• Dr. Larry Specht, a Dairy Shrine Pioneer well-known for his work with dairy herd records and genetics.
A few noteworthy coaches from the eastern United States who consistently fielded high-placing teams at the

All-American include National Dairy Shrine Pioneers ...
• William Etgen
• J. Lee Majeskie
• Harold Kaeser

along with Guests of Honor ...
• John Morris
• George Trimberger
• David Galton

Several of the All American Dairy Show’s most prestigious awards carry the names of Dairy Shrine award recipients. In 2004 the first Obie Snider Award was presented by the All-American. This award was created to honor a person who reflects many of the late Mr. Snider’s qualities of vision, leadership, and service. The first recipient of the award was Donald Seipt. His family’s Keystone Farm was a frequent exhibitor at Harrisburg. He was joined as an Obie Snider Award winner in 2012 by William Nichol.

At the All-American Invitational Judging Contests, each first-place team for oral reasons receives the Harry Roth plaque. Roth organized and supported this contest that provides great opportunities for 4-H, FFA, and collegiate contestants to develop decision-making and communications skills.

As you attend the Golden Jubilee of the All-American Dairy Show, make sure you make plans to attend the National Dairy Shrine banquet to honor the past, present, and future leaders of the dairy industry!

To order banquet tickets, please email Dr. David Selner, executive director, at info@dairyshrine.org or call 920-863-6333. A limited number of banquet tickets will be available at the All-American Dairy Show office through Tuesday of the show.