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Holstein sale on 45 lots just shy of $1.5 million

Farmshine Editor

MADISON, Wis. -- Never before has the World Classic Sale lived up to it's name like it did on Friday, Oct. 5. Both the sale volume of $1,490,000 and average of $33,111 were the highest in the sale's history. The high seller went for $122,000; the next highest lot sold for $115,000. Four consignments commanded prices of $72,000 or higher.

Looking on the flip side, only four lots fetched less than $10,000. Without counting the top four and the bottom four, the average of the remaining 37 lots comes to a solid $32,919.

The Coliseum here at the Alliant Energy Center, home of the World Dairy Exposition, had thousands of dairy enthusiasts seated comfortably in their seats and hundreds more in chairs set up on the Coliseum's colored shavings, while another few hundred chose to stand around and visit with friends. When the sale started -- nearly an hour late -- it was with pageantry that included lights, music and glittering confetti blown from overhead the sales ring.

Horace Backus, Roger Morris and Dave Rama were in the box. Ringmen included Scott Culbertson of Pine Island, Minn.; Scott Courtney of Ridgeway, Iowa; Brian Carscadden of Guelph, Ontario; Steve Berland of Rochester, Minn.; and Rick VerBeek of Tunkhannock, Pa. All dressed up for the occasion, the men were prepared to inspire bidders and entertain the huge crowd.

In the sale catalog, Auctioneer Tom Morris -- who could not serve in his trademark capacity that night -- wrote: "We have daughters for sale from the breed's only two new EX-97 cows this year. We have many dams that have been class winners on both sides of the border. Their daughters are offered here and will make the next generation of greatness. … With the surging demand for polled genetics around the world, the World Classic offers numerous homozygous Red polled animals, breed-leading GTPI Red heifers and polled embryo choices to put you ahead of the game in this emerging market. … And when it comes to genomics, consignors have offered their very best in elite genomic animals. … Simply put, the World Classic offers the best of the best."

The three men in the box echoed those remarks as the excitement began with spotlights illuminating the sales ring and glittering confetti dropping from overhead. Three perfectly groomed sale animals graced the shavings as prime examples of what was in store.

Forty-eight lots had been cataloged, although only 45 were sold. Of the 48 lots, 11 came from Canada, 10 from Wisconsin, eight from Iowa, seven from New York, and two from Germany. The remaining 10 represented Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Indiana.

The buyers list was equally diverse. Canadians purchased nine of the 45 lots that went up for bids. Buyers from Iowa and Texas each took seven home. Six lots stayed in Wisconsin. Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York each claimed two. And the rest went to foreign buyers.

David Jones of Sahara Holsteins in the United Kingdom had the top bid of the night, $122,000, for Lot 12. Alta Genetics of Alberta, Canada, was just a few thousand behind in second place with an offering of $115,000 for Lot 11. Other than Canada and the U.K. successful purchasers also came from Argentina and Sweden.

The top seller, Lot 12, was Elm-Park Geisha PP-Red-ET, consigned by Elm Park Farms and Randy Kleinhans of Sheboygan Falls, Wis. A 10-month old daughter of Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red-TW and Golden Oaks Gwyn Perky-ET, Geisha is homozygous polled with a 50K GTPI of +2017G +26F +20F. Her PTA reads: +2.22T +2.10UDC +1.77FLC +4.9PL +1.9DPR 2.81SCS. She goes back to the Roxys, with Roxy herself being her 8th dam.

The second high seller, Lot 11, was MS M-P DAK 4777 Pie-Red-ET, consigned by Dick Faber and Pond Hill Daily, LLC, of Fort Atkinson, Wis. Her claim to fame is that she's he No. 1 GTPI Red and GNM Red in the United States. Born on March 28, 2012, she was sired by Kings-Ransom O Dakker-ET. Her dam is Ms M-P Lawn Boy Posey-ET, who made over 33,000M as a 2-year old with 3.6% butterfat and 3.5% protein. Pie-Red's numbers read: 9K GTPI +2405G +1914M +81F +73P +790NM; PTA +4.8PL 2.95SCS +0.7DPR +2.34T +2,27UDC +2.48FLC.

The third highest priced consignment was Lot 5, a first-choice female offered by Tranquility Farms and Tag S.E.C. of Quebec, Canada. The sire is Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET; the dam is Benner Fork Janardan-ET, whose numbers read: 50K GTPI +2546G +2165M +130F +75P +864NM; PTA +5.5PL 2.65SCS +3.88T +3.46UDC +2.10FLC; GPA LPI +3493 • DGV LPI +3744. The choice went for $75,000 on the top bid from Tim Rauen of Farley, Iowa.

Going for $72,000 was Lot 36, also a first-choice female. Consigned by Pristine Genetics of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the winning bidder was the Sarah-Red Syndicate, Farley, Iowa. The choice's sire is Mr Chassity Colt 45-ET; the dam is Lookout Pesce Mag Sara-Red-ET.

Despite the lofty prices, there were numerous times when the men in the box claimed that the lots were selling for “half the money.”

Definitions of a bargain may vary, but at this sale, the fact is that only four lots went for under $10,000. They were Lots 25, 38, 9 and 37.

Jonathan Lamb of New York recognized his “bargain”, Lot 25, Lottos Atwood Linora-ET, the 10-month old daughter of Winterday Goldwyn Lotto (EX-95 EEEEE), with two (each) All-American and All-Canadian titles to her credit. A show winner and champion multiple times, Lotto, was mated to Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET to produce Linora. Consigned by Peter Vail and Peter Vail Jr. of New York, she was sold for $8000.

Richman Farms, Inc. of Lodi, Ohio, was the purchaser of Lot 38, Budjon-JK Atwood Ebril-ET, a 12-month old daughter of Atwood out of Budjon-JK Emily’s Edair-ET (EX-94 EEEEE). Both the dam and Edair’s full sister, Budjon-JK Fallen Embers (EX -92 EEEEE) have distinguished themselves in the show ring, with high production to match. Ebril’s price: $8600. The consignor was Elegance Futures, Lomira, Wis.

She-Ken Holsteins of Mansfield, Pa. parted with $8800 to acquire Lot 9, Hazels Sid Heaven-ET, a March calf sired by Pine-Tree Sid-ET and out of Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel (EX-96 EEEEE 2E). Hazel is the only cow in history to be nominated All-American seven consecutive years in milking form. She was consigned by The Hazel Syndicate of Preston, Conn.

Hans Magnusson of Sweden found his “bargain” in Lot 37, Milksource Braxton Adele-ET, a February 2012 calf sired by Braxton and out of Milksource Goldwn Africa-ET (EX-92 EEEEE). She has a distinguished record on the tanbark trail and two records that average over 1000F. Milksource LLC of Kaukauna, Wis., was the consignor. The price: $9600.

The sale was managed by Tom Morris, Ltd. of Amery, Wis.