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Dr. Ken Nordlund named Industry Person of the Year

MADISON, Wis. -- World Dairy Expo’s Industry Person of the Year for 2013 is Dr. Ken Nordlund, DVM, University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine. He is among four dairy industry leaders World Dairy Expo has singled out for special recognition this year.

Dr. Nordlund came to the School of Veterinary Medicine in 1989 with the reputation of being one of the most innovative and influential dairy practitioners in the United States. He currently serves as clinical professor of food animal production medicine in the Department of Medical Sciences. He has proven his teaching and mentoring of new veterinary professionals to be unique and successful and has been described by others as an intelligent, logical, communicator, mentor and caring veterinarian.

Originally, he was in private practice in northwestern Minnesota. He spent time treating metabolic diseases and the normal dairy procedures. He redefined his role with producers by developing strategies to prevent dairy cattle problems. This innovative approach to working with dairy cattle earned him the respect of dairy herd owners.

His passion to educate veterinarians and focus on preventing metabolic disorders and infections has become well known. He has been instrumental in developing herd health management tools such as The Goal Form and the Transition Cow Index that assist veterinarians and cow owners in making nutrition and objective methods to evaluate herd performance and identify key economic opportunities.

Ken is described as having the ability to create change without telling producers that “they need to change.” His vision and leadership is transforming veterinarians from problem solvers to problem preventers. The Industry Person of the Year award is sponsored by Accelerated Genetics, Dairy Herd Management and Merck Animal Health.