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Maryland Guernsey has ‘amazing achievement’

TULSA, Okla. -- A Maryland Guernsey, Walnut Ridge Magic Cher (EX-92), won the Leibers Trophy, the Valley Set Award and the Arnold Knight Trophy for the fifth consecutive year. These awards recognize the living cow with the highest lifetime production for milk, butterfat and protein. The recognition took place at the National Guernsey Convention held here in July.

“It is an amazing achievement for a cow to win any one of these awards but Cher has gone above and beyond winning each one for five consecutive years,” commented Seth Johnson, executive director of the American Guernsey Association. Cher’s lifetime record reads 321,807M 5.2% 16,599F 3.4% 10,924P.

Cher was bred and is owned by Walnut Ridge Farm of Middletown, Maryland. She has one milking daughter and a son, Walnut Ridge Kringle Classic, currently being marketed by Idle Neer Sires. The herd average for the 55 Registered Guernseys at Walnut Ridge Farm is 17,519M 957F and 607P which ranks them sixth in the country for butterfat.

Recent highlights for Walnut Ridge include three cows in the herd winning Component Queen recognition as one of the top records in the nation for combined butterfat and protein in 2012. Also, Walnut Ridge exhibited the grand champion, Walnut Ridge Russ Nope R, at the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg last fall.