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Pennsylvania Holstein Association celebrates 100 years
Many memories and highlights will be shared

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Part of the Pennsylvania Holstein Association’s 100th Anniversary Celebration will include five hours of storytelling. These “Fireside Chats” will take place throughout the day on Saturday, November 9, beginning at 10:00 a.m. More than 50 people who are past and present members and friends of the Association will participate in 10 different “chat” sessions: sharing stories and reminiscing about experiences with PHA’s members, cows and activities. Each “chat” will be one hour long, with two sessions running simultaneously, giving attendees a choice of sessions. The 10 groups are:
• Classifiers from Pa.,
• Past PHA presidents,
• Pennsylvania’s national directors,
• PHA staff,
• Distinguished Junior Members,
• Other youth program winners,
• Show judges and showmen,
• Sale managers and cattle photographers,
• PHA Hall of Fame winners, and
• County association history.

Those choosing to “chat” with the classifiers may ask what was the highest classification score they gave, or who was the most well-known cow they scored. Attendees talking with the past presidents may want to hear about a key issue faced during their term, or who served on the Executive Committee with them.

The panel representing PHA staff may be asked who served with them and what did they find most challenging about their work. National directors may want to respond to questions about issues they faced at the national level.

DJM winners could be asked what was required on the application at the time they won the award, and how has this changed over the years. The winners of other youth programs, such as Dairy Bowl, Speech and Dairy Jeopardy, may be asked to respond to questions as to how involvement in Junior Holstein Activities have impacted their lives and career choices.

The panel made up of show judges and showmen may be asked to respond to questions about where they have shown and judged throughout the state, and who were some of the most outstanding cattle they have had the privilege of judging and /or showing. Sales managers may be asked about memorable sales they have worked across Pennsylvania and cattle photographers (who probably have lots of stories) could be asked to recall a funny incident or memory.

Hall of Fame winners will probably be asked how they got their start in dairying, and in the registered Holstein business. Those listening to the county association history panel may want to hear about their county’s “traditions” that were started years ago, or who were some of the people from their county who received special recognition from the state association such as Hall of Fame members, DJM’s and youth program winners.

Questions will be encouraged so that “Fireside Chat” panelists and members of the audience can share numerous “memories and stories.” Many of these memories have had a hand in shaping us into the industry enthusiasts and dairy experts that we have become. “Please join us as we celebrate our history by reminiscing some of the finest moments of the past 100 years,” said PHA Executive Director Ken Raney.

The weekend celebration will take place November 8-10 at the Penn Stater Conference Center in State College.