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National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
Maryland and Pennsy teams at top, one point apart

Pictured directly above is the Maryland team, which placed first overall. Left to right are Coach Kiera Finucane, Ian Doody, Julia Doody, Courtney Hoff, Cassidy Schirmer and Coach Anne Davis.

MADISON, Wis. -- Maryland reigned supreme at the National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest held here on September 30 at World Dairy Expo. Team members Julia Doody, Ian Doody, Courtney Hoff and Cassidy Schirmer led the team to the top in overall placings. Respectively, siblings Julia and Ian Doody placed first and second in overall individual reasons with Julia also placing second in overall individual. The team was coached by Anne Davis and Kiera Finucane.

Placing second by one point was Pennsylvania with a score of 2060. Coached by Chad Dechow, the team consisted of Evan Castrogiovanni, Laura Lesher, Jocelyn Riser and Emily Shaw.
Six points behind them was Wisconsin with team member Trent Dado taking home top honors as high individual.

Top 10 teams overall
1. Maryland, 2061 points.
2. Pennsylvania. 2060 points.
3. Wisconsin, 2054, coached by Jered Haase, Karrie Melin Swenson and Kirsten Klugow. Team members: Chris Rassier, Trent Dado, Laura Jensen and Cody Getschel
4. Minnesota, 2037, coached by Stacy Leiding. Team members: Haely Leiding, Kayla Leiding, Travis Troendle and Abby Hopp.
5. Kentucky, 2028, coached by Larissa Tucker and Bland Baird. Team members: Drew Krueger, Caleb Fulkerson, Shelby West and Tyler Goodlett.
6. Missouri, 2008 points, coached by Ted Probert and Karla Deaver. Team members: Steven Nelson, Tucker Petersen and Bailee Whitehead.
7. Ohio, 2006 points, coached by Bonnie Ayars. Team members: Heath Geyer, Colton Harstine, Cody Jodrey, Corey Jodrey.
8.New York, 2001, coached by Doug Waterman. Team members: Keith Koerner, Austin Milligan, Lauren Hill and Alton Rudgers
9. Michigan, 1999, coached by Joe Domecq and Sarah Black. Team members: Kelly Raterink, Natalie Horning, Kailey Sweers and Jay Luoma
10. Virginia, 1994, coached by Matt Nuckols. Team members: Cole Leonard, Logan Potts, Erin Saacke and Zachary Seekford.

Top 10 individuals overall:
1. Trent Dado, 711, Wisconsin
2. Julia Doody, 710, Maryland
3. Emily Shaw, 696, Pennsylvania
4. Tyler Goodlett, 690, Kentucky
5. Travis Troendle, 688, Minnesota
6. Jay Luoma, 685. Michigan
7. Evan Castrogiovanni, 685, Pa.
8. Bailee Whitehead, 685, Missouri
9. Haely Leiding, 684, Minnesota
10. Lauren Luther, 683, North Carolina

Top 10 team reasons:
1. Maryland, 688
2. Wisconsin, 676
3. Pennsylvania, 668
4. Michigan, 652
5. Virginia, 643
6. Texas, 643
7. Missouri, 640
8. Minnesota, 639
9. New York, 638
10. Kentucky, 636

Top 10 individual reasons:
1. Julia Doody, 236, Maryland
2. Ian Doody, 232, Maryland
3. Emily Shaw, 231, Pennsylvania
4. Jay Luoma, 231, Michigan
5. Trent Dado, 229, Wisconsin
6. Evan Castrogiovanni, 226, Pa.
7. Laura Jensen, 224, Wisconsin
8. Cody Getschel, 223, Wisconsin
9. Courtney Hoff, 220, Maryland
10. Steven Nelson, 218, Missouri

The Pennsylvania team, pictured upper right, consisted of, from left: Evan Castrogiovanni, Emily Shaw, Laura Lesher, Jocelyn Riser, and Coach Chad Dechow.