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Virginia Tech team tops judging contest at World Dairy Expo

Pictured at left are the Virginia Tech students who handed their school yet another championship in dairy cattle judging. Left to right are Mackenzie Moore, Mandi Ramsburg, Lyndsey Royek and Lizzie Davis. The hardware at their feet is a collection of the awards they won that day. The team was first in Jerseys, first in Milking Shorthorns and first in Brown Swiss. They were first in reasons, and then, high team overall. Also, there are also some individual awards in the photo. Mandi was high individual in Red & Whites, high in Jerseys and high in placings, as well as high individual overall. Lizzie was second in reasons.

MADISON, Wis. -- Virginia Tech took home top honors once again, winning the overall team title along with finishing first in team reasons at the Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest held here on Monday, September 30, during the World Dairy Exposition. The team was led by Mandi Ramsburg, a senior in dairy science from Walkersville, Md., and overall high individual and third place finisher in reasons. Rounding out the team are Mackenzie Moore, a senior sociology major from Cobleskill N.Y.; Lyndsey Royek, a senior in ag business from Corry, Pa.; and Lizzie Davis, a sophomore in dairy science from Union Bridge, Maryland.

“There’s lots of ‘pedigree’ on this team,” noted Virginia Tech Coach Katharine Knowles. Both of Lizzie’s parents (Cam Davis and Ann Powell Davis) are VT alumni who were on Virginia Tech dairy judging teams, and Mandi’s cousin, Katie Albaugh, was a key member of the Virginia Tech dairy judging team that won the national contest in 2008. Lyndsey is a former Pennsylvania Dairy Princess (2007) and Mackenzie was on the New York 4-H team a few years ago, sixth overall.

“Lots of talent, lots of experience, lots of personality. All (Coach Mike) Barnes and I had to do was stay out of their way!” Katharine declared with understandable pride.

Erin Daninger was first individual in reasons and fourth overall, leading the University of Minnesota to a second place overall team finish and second in team reasons.

Nineteen teams competed in this year’s contest. Teams and individuals receiving recognition were:

Overall top 10 teams
1. Virginia Tech, 2565 points, coached by Katharine Knowlton and Mike Barnes
2. University of Minnesota, 2532, coached by Les Hansen
3. Oregon State University, 2518, coached by Jim Krahn
4. The Ohio State University, 2493, coached by Bonnie Ayars
5. Cornell University, 2479, coached by Kevin Ziemba
6. Penn State University, 2473, coached by Dale Olver
7. Iowa State University, 2468, coached by Lee Kilmer and Christen Jackson
8. University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 2466, coached by Cory and Ryan Weigel
9. University of Florida, 2463, coached by Chris and Gene Holcomb and Chanse Huggins
10. Michigan State University, 2461, coached by Joe Domecq and Sarah Black

Overall top 10 individuals
1. Mandi Ramsburg, 863, Virginia Tech
2. Elizabeth Davis, 855, Virginia Tech
3. Doug Petzel, 851, U. of Minnesota
4. Erin Daninger, 849, U. of Minnesota
5. Mackenzie Moore, 847, Virginia Tech
6. Hayden Bush, 847, Oregon State
7. Amanda Franck, 843, Iowa State
8. Fallon Curren, 842, U. of Florida
9. Andrea Smaciarz, 841, Oregon State
10. K. Gelsinger, 840, Wis. - Madison

Top 10 teams reasons
1. Virginia Tech, 834
2. University of Minnesota, 829
3. Penn State University, 815
4. Cornell University, 806
5. Oregon State University, 805
6. The Ohio State University
7. Michigan State University, 804
8. University of Florida, 796
9. Iowa State University, 795
10. U. of Wisconsin-Madison, 789

Top 10 individual reasons
1. Erin Daninger, 284, U. of Minnesota
2. Elizabeth Davis, 281, Virginia Tech
3. Mandi Ramsburg, 279, Virginia Tech
4. K. Gelsinger, 278, Wisconin-Madison
5. Doug Petzel, 277, U. of Minnesota
6. Fallon Curren, 277, U. of Florida
7. Lara Staples, 276, Ohio State
8. Chad Horst, 275, Penn State
9. Mackenzie Moore, 274, Virginia Tech
10. Amanda Franck, 274, Iowa State .