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Cull cow campaign continues with goal of raising $100,000

HARRISBURG -- The All-American Dairy Foundation continues its Cull Cow Campaign to raise $50,000 by the end of 2013 from All-American Dairy Show enthusiasts. This amount will be matched by a $25,000 donation from NASCO chief operating officer and past secretary of the Pennsylvania Holstein Association Arthur Nesbitt as well as a $25,000 contribution from the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association. The total of $100,000 from the three sources will assist the foundation to achieve its 5-year Legacy Investment Fund goal.

The Foundation is seeking All-American Dairy Show enthusiasts and dairy farmers to donate the proceeds of a cull cow this summer and early fall. One hundred cull cows would achieve the $50,000 goal.

All-American Dairy Foundation Executive Director Bob Heilman announced that the first Cull Cow Campaign check was received from John Hess of Jo Bo Holstein Farm near Fairfield, Adams County.

Heilman also invites anyone interested in helping to develop the campaign to become an “I Will See 3” volunteer. Each volunteer is charged with selecting three dairy farmers to explain the cull cow campaign and encourage them to participate.

Each participant in the campaign will be provided a form to identify the cull cow and details for the trucker and sales barn about processing the check for the All-American Dairy Foundation.

Those unable to participate in the cull cow campaign but still interested in contributing can make a check-only contribution to the campaign. The form and additional information is available online at www.allamericandairyfoundation.org under the “Funding the Foundation” section.

“The All-American Dairy Foundation Board of Trustees want to build a Legacy Investment fund of $500,000 to support the youth activities of the All-American Dairy Show,” said Heilman. “This amount will be a huge step toward that goal.”

To learn more ways to get involved in the All-American Dairy Foundation, contact Bob Heilman at 804-240-1539 or bob_heilman@comcast.net.