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NO-TILLville debuts at world’s largest machinery exposition

HANNOVER, Germany -- The world’s largest farm machinery exposition, Agritechnica, will take place here November 12-16. More than 2700 exhibitors from 50 countries will be presenting their ag machinery for professional plant production. In 2011, the Agritechnica event attracted 419,000 visitors, including 98,000 from abroad.

There’s always something new to be unveiled and this year one of the new attractions is NO-TILLville.

Seed Hawk, based in Landbank, Canada, is pleased to sponsor the launch of NO-TILLville, a global forum community for farmers, researchers, agronomists, and others in the agricultural community who share a desire for soil conservation through modern no-till seeding practices. NO-TILLville is a place to share ideas and experiences in a global forum with regional, national and international perspectives on no-till seeding.

Users will be able to share their experiences with the global community, ask questions, and seek answers to their particular challenges in the discussion forums. The site will be set up with agronomic, equipment and regional forums initially covering Australia, Canada, the United States, Europe and Russia.

The forum can be found at www.notillville.com, and is an ad-free site. As a founding sponsor, Seed Hawk hopes that the website will inspire a growing community of like-minded individuals, companies and organizations to help spread the no-till word throughout the world.