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Fans worldwide applauded return of ‘Snickerdoodle’

Allen Bassler (left), Wayne E. Sliker, and Deanna Bendig with Old Mill E Snickerdoodle. Her son, Old Mill WDE Supreme ET, sold to Select Sires years ago, received the Ted Krueger Premier Sire Award during the 2013 World Dairy Expo.
Photo by Sherry Bunting

Special for Farmshine

MADISON, Wis. -- After what observers thought would be her last appearance at World Dairy Expo in 2009 -- when she was reserve supreme champion for the second consecutive year (2008 and 2009) as well as grand champion of the International Brown Swiss Show for the sixth time -- 15-year-old Old Mill E Snickerdoodle OCS surprised and delighted the audience with a return showing and first place ribbon in the three-and-over dry cow class at Expo last month.

Snickerdoodle was also on hand to be pictured for the Ted Krueger Premier Sire Award bestowed on her son, Old Mill WDE Supreme-ET -- named for her 2003 WDE supreme champion achievement.

No one is quite sure, but it seems Snickerdoodle is the only dam to ever be present at World Dairy Expo during such a presentation of Premier Sire for the performance of a son. After all, not many 15-year-old cows come back out to show at World Dairy Expo. Snickerdoodle earned her right to walk the 2013 Brown Swiss parade of champions by topping the three-and-over dry cow competition.

Snickerdoodle's scores of past wins have made her so famous, in fact, that she made it into “Wikipedia” (the online encyclopedia), which describes her as “considered by many as one of the best Brown Swiss to ever walk across the show ring, setting a record across all breeds for most consecutively won classes at Harrisburg and the World Dairy Expo.”

Her pedigree goes back five generations in the Bassler family’s Old Mill Farm prefix. Snickerdoodle’s dam, Cookie, was bred by Allen Bassler, who has been breeding Brown Swiss for 45 years.

Not only has Snickerdoodle been a productive milker -- with a lifetime record of 261,764M 12,660F 9893P -- she is also prolific and continues to be flushed for embryos to top Brown Swiss sires.

Snickerdoodle is a crowd-pleaser wherever she goes. The 2013 World Dairy Expo was no exception. Hundreds flocked from multiple countries to her station in Tent 1, Section A, to see her and have their picture taken with her during Expo.

Not only did she garner applause upon winning the dry cow class on October 2, and then at her introduction as she entered the ring for parade of champions, Snickerdoodle also had many offspring excel in the ring. According to Allen Bassler’s latest count, Snickerdoodle had four different sons that had daughters in the top six placings at the 2013 World Dairy Expo.

Her son "Supreme" had six daughters: fourth place fall yearling was Arethusa Supreme Hontstar ET; for under 2-year olds in milk, Supreme sired second-place Top Acres Garbo S Wishes ET and fourth place Old Mill Supreme Fudge ET; the first-place senior 3-year old was Top Acres Supreme Wizard ET; and fourth place aged cow was Top Acres Supreme Wisp.

"Snacks" had two daughters place: Old Mill Starsky Love ET was fourth and Old Mill Snacks Amazing Grace fifth in the 4-year-old class. And Turmoil’s Kulp-Terra Ta Showgirl ET was fifth place 5-year-old.
Third place in best three females went to Old Mill E Snickerdoodle descendants Love, Amazing Grace, and Sizzle.

“This is probably the last time we’ll bring her to Expo,” said Bassler. “But I never say never, because that means you’re done.”

Either way, Snickerdoodle’s fame will live on in her offspring and the hearts and minds of generations of fans worldwide. She truly has a following and she even has her own fan page on Facebook.