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Thanks for coming; we enjoyed your company!

Held at the Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center, the centennial celebration featured a banquet on both Friday and Saturday night.

The first words that come to mind regarding the 100-year anniversary celebration of the Pennsylvania Holstein Association are appreciation, gratitude, love and praise. What a wonderful, heart-warming event it was! It took place in State College last Friday and Saturday, ending Sunday morning. Everyone involved in the planning and execution of it deserves to be thanked and praised for a job well done. No amount of pre-publicity could have done it justice; it was that enjoyable.

What made it so? The people, of course! We visited with people we saw just last month and many, many more whom we had not seen in 5, 10, 20, 30 and in at least one case, nearly 40 years. What a truly fantastic family reunion!

Anniversary celebration planners allowed plenty of time for casual mingling and visiting. And that was really what it was supposed to be all about.

The more structured portions of the program were also just plain super. Consider the so-called “fireside chats,” for example. Half-a-dozen or so people sat at the front of a meeting room to discuss various topics, reminisce and answer questions. If you wanted a seat, you had to come early because it was standing room only before the doors had even closed. Thoughtfully and thankfully, each session was recorded for future enjoyment.

There were no after dinner speakers. No band. No dance. Not even much of a program. Instead, the time was allotted to enjoying the company of the people seated at our table, then mingling with others afterwards. Perfect!

The heart-warming, thankful feelings we experienced as we re-connected with friends of decades ago is hard to describe but any adult who was there felt it.

Maybe we can even say that it was somehow heavenly. Imagine the reunion we have waiting for us up there one day!

Again, on behalf of all who were able to enjoy this wonderful celebration, we extend sincere congratulations and deep gratitude to all those who made it possible. And that includes every person who was in attendance. Thank you so much for “making our day” two days in a row!
God bless you all.