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Penelope the cow strengthened aspirations

I would enjoy the

opportunity to educate

people about modern

dairy farming, dairy

practices and dairy

production. That is

an important goal

in my life.

-- Demi Dovin

Ohio Brown Swiss Queen

WELLINGTON, Ohio -- Dairy farming has been a part of my family since the early 1950’s. Our farm started with 13 registered Holsteins and has grown to 2500.

I purchased my first Brown Swiss, Penelope, at an auction in Pennsylvania. We bought her to see what the breed was like as we were accustomed to Holsteins and, boy, was she a sweetheart! Penelope became my favorite cow and she’s the one cow that brought me to where I am now. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have increased my herd of Brown Swiss to six in just two short years.

I originally did not plan on showing her, but how could I spend a week away from her at the county fair? So Penelope was off to her first fair where she placed first in her class, received honorable mention and just recently was scored VG-85 as a 2- year old. Now that’s enough about Penelope, the true queen of Dovin Dairy Farms.

Purchasing my herd led me to join the Ohio Brown Swiss as well as the National Brown Swiss associations, affording me opportunities such as being Ohio Brown Swiss Queen. Being a member has helped broaden my horizons on the dairy front, allowing me to attend Brown Swiss shows and network with
other people in the association.

Dairying runs very deep with my family. It is not a hobby; it is our way of life ... a way I consider a privilege. I have learned so much already from my endeavors in dairying with so much more to learn. I learned to never give up even when times are tough, like in 2009 when milk prices were incredibly low and
many farms nationwide had to sell out.

Though the dairy industry may seem useless to many, the population must remember “We Farm, You Eat.” This industry will always be where my heart is.

Our family has been through it all. We have experienced hard time and hard times that got even tougher. We have seen the somewhat better times and we have survived.

My Grandpa Dovin would say “never worry about the things you can’t change, just keep living the dream.” so that is what I will do as I prepare for my future in the dairy industry.

I am proud that my father supported me when I wanted to “look outside of the box” and purchase my first Brown Swiss. Believe it or not, Brown Swiss are my very favorite breed of dairy cattle. Imagine that in a family that has a Holstein herd of 2500!

My Brown Swiss cattle have an attitude just like me, stubborn and independent. It is almost as if they encourage me to stand up for what I believe in and have fun doing it.

After graduating from high school in 2015, I plan to attend a 4-year college where I will double-major in agricultural economics and dairy science. Upon graduation from college I will continue on my journey as a lifelong learner in the ever changing field of agriculture.

It is my intention to secure a position in the agricultural field and settle down in a rural setting. Like many other dairy farmers throughout the country, I view protecting the agricultural industry as more than a worthwhile goal. It will be a life-long commitment. I will not only lead by example but I will actively work to promote the dairy industry at all levels.

I will seek to build partnerships between farmers and consumers by being involved with many agricultural organizations on the local, state and national level. I want to help close the gap that exists between the consumers and producers. I will do what I can to educate and share accurate information about agriculture in today’s society.

I would enjoy the opportunity to educate people about modern dairy farming, dairy practices and dairy production. That is an important goal in my life.