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Holstein history documented by Horace Backus

BROWNSTOWN, Pa. -- Known to everyone in the Holstein industry, Horace Backus is widely recognized as he foremost authority on Holstein history ... the cows, the bulls, the farms and the people.

He has compiled and authored five “Seedstock” books which offer pictures and details about the herds and individual cows that provided breeding foundations that are still represented today. Also credited to him are the four books briefly described below.

Recognized and honored for his expertise and service numerous times, Horace was lauded last summer at the National Holsten Convention when Holstein USA presented him with the Distinguished Leadership Award.
Following are brief descriptions of four of his books ... recommended reading for any Holstein enthusiast.

MILESTONES by Horace Backus features numerous very famous cows, including “Favorite”, the dam of “Adeen” and “Ashlyn”; “Ada”, the dam of “Alicia” and “Chief Adeen”; Gay, the famous dam of Osborndale Ivanhoe; “Eve,” daughter of “Ivanhoe” and dam of “Elevation”; “Audrey,” founder of the breed’s only 16 generation family of Excellents.

Also featured are stories of such early great dispersal as Erickson, Walters, Yates, Mount Victoria, Dunloggin, Cooper, Creston, Butterfly, Sears Farm, and Miller Acres (Austin Backus’ last sale).

Still more: The Jenclif Dispersal, the Taurus stud and the transition of the Backus Family’s sale company from one generation to the next.

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MOUNT VICTORIA FARMS and the Montvic Rag Apple Bloodlines, is a personal view of this world-famous herd by Horace Backus. “ ... newer generations might find a story of this tremendous herd, so rich in the romance and legends of the breed, placed as it was in another time frame, yet through its bloodline a part of all times, to be of interest,” Horace writes in his preface. “ ... here it is, a story of Mount Victoria, its cattle, its people and its times.

Soft cover, 170 pages. To order, please call 315-963-3763 or fax 315-963-3276. Or by mail: Mexico Independent - Horace Backus, P.O. Box 69, Mexico, N.Y. 13114

DUNLOGGIN is all about one of the most famous dairy herds to ever inhabit the planet. Even after more than 60 years since the dispersal, the Dunloggin name rings with solid familiarity. Author Horace Backus reviews the legacy of this Maryland farm from beginning to end with fascinating detail. Horace achieves what he set out to do: Provide a concentrated, printed record of “what was accomplished, how it was achieved and who did it.”

Soft cover, 314 pages. To order, please call 315-963-3763 or fax 315-963-3276. Or by mail: Mexico Independent - Horace Backus, P.O. Box 69, Mexico, N.Y. 13114

SCATTERIN’S, memories from an over 65-year career with Registered Holsteins. A personal view by Horace Backus. Among the highlights of this latest presentation by Horace are chapters on Tom Nagle, Elmwood, 97-point cows, 96-point cows, the Pennsylvanian All-American Dairy Show, and a review of National Holstein Convention sales.

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