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Top Ayrshire honors go to Maulfair Acres

The top Ayrshire cows were the reserve champion, Mowry’s Poker Precious led by Jordan Helsley, and the grand champion, Maulfair Acres Burdette Ivy led by Rachel Maulfair.

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- David and Rachel Maulfair of Maulfair Acres, Jonestown, came away with top honors at the Pennsylvania farm Show’s Ayrshire show. Their 4-year old, Maulfair Acres Burdette Ivy, was Judge Greg Evans’ pick for senior and grand champion of the open show.

Named reserve senior and reserve grand champion was the second place 4-year old, Mowry’s Poker Precious owned and exhibited by Jordan Helsley. This same cow also stood as the youth division’s grand champion, again with Jordan at the halter.

The reserve senior and reserve grand champion ofthe youth show was Brown-Brook Romeo Demi, a 5-year old owned and exhibited by Lane Findley.

The open show’s as well as youth show’s junior champion was the winning spring calf, Crown-Quest SS Angelique owned and exhibited by Miranda Hernley. Reserve honors went to the winning spring yearling, Crown-Quest Majic Miracle, owned and exhibited by Shawn Hernley and Harold Boltz.

Earning reserve junior champion honors in the youth ring was the second place spring calf, Ayrback Burdette Almost April, owned and exhibited by Jarod Stowe.

Class placings follow, with youth entries indicaed by parentheses (1).
Spring calves: 1. (1) Miranda Hernley, Lebanon, with Crown-Quest SS Angelique; 2. (2) Jarod Stowe, Oxford; 3. Dale Maulfair, Jonestown; 4. (3) Luke Nolan, Cochranville; 5. Audrey Gay Rodgers, Belleville.
Winter calves: 1. (1) Winter Brown, Oxford, with Ayrb-Bck Berkleys Amy; 2. Dale Maulfair; 3. Darrin Mayer, Doylestown.
Fall calves: 1. Audrey Gay Rodgers with Sharward’s Plum Bottom Autumn B; 2. Amanda Waite, Middleburg; 3. Lexi Findley, New Providence.
Summer yearlings: 1. Audrey Gay Rodgers with Mowry Plum Bottoms Paris ET; 2. (1) Jordan Helsley, Roaring Spring; 3. Audrey Gay Rodgers; 4. (2) Colton Nolan, Cochranville; 5. (3) Levi Karchner, Nescopeck.
Spring yearlings: 1. Shawn Hernley Harold Boltz, Lebanon, with Crown-Quest Majic Miracle; 2. (1) Lexi Findley, New Providence.
Winter yearlings: 1. (1) Miranda Hernley with Crown-Quest Harmony Sweetie; 2. Rebecca Nolan-Smith, Cochranville.
Junior best three: 1. Miranda Hernley.
Dry cows: 1. Audrey Gay Rodgers with NV-Arrowhead Plmbtm Arabella; 2. Amanda Waite; 3. (1) Miranda Hernley; 4. Tara Hostetter, Rockwood.
Fall yearling: 1. (1) Lexi Findley with Lace Acres Byrr Rusty.
Jr. 2-year olds: 1. Tara Hostetter with Tara’s Bee; 2. Joseph Stowe; 3. Dale Maulfair; 4. (1) Lane Findley, New Providence; 5. (2) Dalton Nolan, Cochranville.
Sr. 2-year olds: 1. Dale Maulfair with Maulfair Acres Fred Palin; 2. (1) Lexi Findley; 3. (2) Grace Spadaro, Scottdale.
Jr. 3-year old: 1. Charles Stowe with LenOKnoll Luke Constance.
Sr. 3-year olds: 1. Rebecca Nolan-Smith, Cochranville, with Dreamnol Burdette Maris; 2. Dale Maulfair.
4-year olds: 1. David Maulfair with Maulfair Acres Burdette Ivy; 2. (1) Jordan Helsley, Roaring Spring; 3. Lane Findley.
5-year olds: 1. Rebecca Nolan-Smith with Dreamnol Kelly’s Ora; 2. (1) Lane Findley; 3. Dale Maulfair; 4. Amanda Waite.
Champion udder: 1. David Maulfair with Maulfair Acres Burdette Ivy.
Premier Breeder: 1. David Maulfair with Maulfair Acres Burdette Ivy.
Premier Exhibitor: 1. David Maulfair with Maulfair Acres Burdette Ivy.
Exhibitor herd: 1. Dale Maulfair; 2. Lane Findley; 3. Rebecca Nolan-Smith; 4. Miranda Hernley; 5. Amanda Waite; 6. Joseph Stowe.