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Bovinity Health founder joins Rodale Institute

KUTZTOWN, Pa. -- The Rodale Institute, a non-profit institution dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach, has announced the appointment of Dr. Hubert Karreman as the Institute veterinarian. Dr. Karreman has led Bovinity Health as founder and principal since 2011, providing natural products for the non-antibiotic treatment of infectious disease. Previously, he was in full-time dairy practice for 15 years with certified organic herds in Lancaster County, Pa.

Well-travelled and widely published in his field, Dr. Karreman served on the USDA National Organic Standards Board from 2005 - 2010, and was chairman of the Livestock Committee from 2007 - 2010, where he wrote recommendations for regulatory implementation by the USDA.

Recognized by his colleagues as a bridge between the organic and conventional veterinary medicine worlds, Dr. Karreman plans to be a bridge between the Rodale Institute and commercial organic livestock farmers. “I hope to bring the Rodale Institute to organic dairy farmers regionally and globally. It’s the right time to investigate natural production models that small farm holders and commercial farmers alike will be able to adopt. We will convey our observations of animal health and behavior, trends in production with different breeds and pilot studies on the farm to support the growing number of organic and natural farmers in Pennsylvania and beyond.”

In his new role as Institute veterinarian, Dr. Karreman will develop an Organic Livestock program, including animal-oriented educational programming in the shape of organic veterinary animal health workshops for commercial organic farmers on site at the Institute’s research farm near Kutztown and at other colleges, universities and dairy farms nationally.

Dr. Karreman assumes the responsibility for building partnerships with collaborators on pilot studies, pasture projects, and providing expertise to organic dairy farmers. He will also represent Rodale Institute at conferences and make presentations domestically and internationally.