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Producers will be outnumbered by professors and processors
World Dairy Summit to arrive in the Holy Land

TEL AVIV, Israel -- Leaders from the global dairy community as well as agricultural ministers from around the world will gather here October 27-31 for the International Dairy Federation’s (IDF) annual World Dairy Summit. Around 1500 participants from all over the world are expected at the David Intercontinental Hotel.

Widely regarded as the most important event of the year for the dairy industry, this will be the first time that Israel is host. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will assist in the planning. The major focus will be the challenges of feeding the world’s growing population.

“In an age of globalization, cooperation between companies and countries is key if we are to combat hunger in the world and meet the demand for food,” said Shyke Drori, president of the Israel National Committee of IDF.

The director-general of the FAO, José Graziano da Silva, together with the president of the IDF, Dr Jeremy Hill, will join Drori and more than 1500 other experts from all fields within the dairy sector, including ministers of agriculture, scientists, professors, veterinarians, processing companies, CEOs, and dairy farmers.

The Summit program will have a special emphasis on large interdisciplinary sessions, which all participants are encouraged to attend. Each interdisciplinary session will focus on different aspects of increasing the efficiency of dairy production and how they relate to the problems of food supply, including farm management, economics, animal health, genetics and environment.

Thereafter, participants will have the opportunity to attend one of several simultaneous panels on each of the issues raised in the interdisciplinary session. There will also be Poster Sessions in which participants will be encouraged to take an active role in sharing their expertise and ideas for promoting the world dairy industry in the future.

“The Israeli organizing committee is building an attractive and innovative program that promises to educate and challenge our thinking on the opportunities and issues faced by the dairy sector. It will be a fantastic opportunity to be exposed to both global and local perspectives, further your knowledge and expand your network,” said Dr. Hill.

Technical tours and workshops on dairy farming will take place before and after the summit.