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Looking back is what motivates this princess, going forward

As my year of being the Schuylkill County Dairy Princess draws to a close, I begin to think of how I felt exactly a year ago, before I began my reign. I was nervous, excited, and did not know quite how I was going to successfully juggle full-time college and dairy princess activities. At first, I felt very unsure as to how well I could accomplish both tasks. I thought, “As long as I try to do my best, I can count myself successful.” However, something my sister, past Schuylkill County Dairy Princess, told me during my first month really changed my mind and propelled me forward throughout the rest of the year.

When I go to the majority of my dairy promotions, I introduce myself as a full-time student going to Penn State Harrisburg majoring in secondary mathematics education. Most people I talk to wonder at this choice because it is obviously not agriculture. Here is where my motivational phrase hits home. My sister, Tori Feidt, asked me: “Maddie, you are leaving the farm. How are you going to give back to our parents and grandparents for what they have done for you?” I was stumped.

My family has given me a wonderful background on working hard, helping family no matter the cost, and loving what I do. How was I going to repay them? From then on, with this advice tucked neatly in the back of my mind, I set forth trying to be the best dairy princess I could be.

I wanted to talk to everyone I met, whether in schools, stores, through newspaper articles, or public group meetings, about my family’s dairy farm and the numerous benefits dairy farms provide to their communities. I only have one year to accomplish this, so why not make the most of it? My goal this year was to leave a lasting impression on my community about the wonders of the dairy farm and the dairy cows our farmers love.

Being a dairy princess has allowed me to meet extraordinary people, including Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Agriculture, George Greig, tour the state capitol building on a private tour, spend time with wonderful farm girls just like me from around the state, and of course, to meet countless members of my community who have given me encouragement and taught me the power of simply getting to know our neighbors.

Was I very busy this year? Yes. Did I have to work extra hard for my grades? Yes. Do I regret being a dairy princess? No! I have loved every minute of serving Schuylkill County’s dairy farmers and farm families and hope that I have left a lasting impression on my community.

I want to thank my family for providing encouragement and helping me throughout the year; my team for their wonderful support, and of course, my dairy cows for starting this whole process!

Submitted by Madeline Daubert
2013-2014 Schuylkill County Dairy Princess