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Maryland requests entries for state dairy princess pageant

FREDERICK, Md. -- The Maryland Dairy Princess Association is seeking candidates for the 2014 Maryland Dairy Princess. Candidates must:

Maintain residency in Maryland (they may attend an out-of-state college);

Own at least one dairy animal in a 4-H or FFA project and/or be enrolled for at least two years in a dairy-related project, including dairy foods, dairy judging, dairy bowl and/or dairy leasing programs (not just dairy goats and dairy steers) ...

Or, be a daughter of a dairy farmer, dairy farm manager or herdsman or an employee in a dairy-related industry, including a farm store, cooperative, DHIA, feed supplier, veterinarian, milk inspector ...

Or, be employed herself as one of the above; and ...

Be 16 years old or turn 16 during 2014 and must not reach her 22nd birthday by Dec. 31.

Candidates may not hold a county Farm Bureau or dairy breed queen/princess title that would cross over for more than three months. The dairy princess is also expected to attend a dairy princess seminar July 9-11 in Pennsylvania.

The association is also looking for dairy maids to represent Maryland. The dairy maid program prepares future princesses and provides promotional opportunities for younger dairy enthusiasts. Eligible young ladies between the ages of 13 and 16 may become a Dairy Maid.

Dairy princesses are chosen to represent their county or region, and each county or regional princess goes forward to compete in the Maryland Dairy Princess Contest July 15 to 16 at the Holiday Inn in Frederick.

Interested candidates may call 301-349-0750 or e-mail LaurieZSavage@aol.com by April 30.