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Ohio youths test their dairy cattle judging skills

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Both 4-H and FFA members from all parts of the state were here on March 29th compete in the Ohio Dairy Judging Contest. For some, goals would become reality, while others returned home with an eye towards 2015.

While registration tables were busy, officials were already evaluating the six classes that would be presented. These key individuals also prepared questions for each class that must be answered by contestants. Contestants competed in three age divisions: Junior, Intermediate, and Senior. And there is an open division that has attracted visitors from four neighboring states, due to increasing popularity ever since its start in 2006.

The contest began with thorough instructions for each division before the animals were brought into the ring; standing head to tail, and then side by side. Moderator Neal Smith of the American Jersey Cattle Association managed movements of the cattle.

The youngest contestants had many questions and quickly felt the pressure of making a wise choice. The complete field of contestants includes many siblings and even some parents.

While the contest takes place in the ring, the scoring room is busy (behind the scenes) entering everyone’s names, teams, and scores. An event of this size requires all sorts of volunteers in an effort to keep everything moving efficiently.

Following are the names of contestants who scored highest in their respective age division.

• High individuals overall: 1. Jazmine Auble, Lorain; 2. Jeremy Ziegler, Unon; 3. Carson Wyatt, Auglaize/Shelby; 4. McKenze Hoewischer; 5. Lauren L’Amoreaux, Stark.
• High individuals in placings: 1. Logan Topp, Auglaize/Shelby; 2. Jeremy Ziegler, Union; 3. Sammi Plocher, Mahoning ; 4. Jazmine Auble, Lorain; 5. Lauren L’Amoreaux, Stark
• High teams: 1. Auglaize/Shelby; 2. Champaign; 3. Lorain; 4. Union; 5. Columbiana/Mahoning

• High individuals overall: 1. Ian Lokai, Champaign; 2. Lauren Almasy, Trumbull; 3. Tori Deam, Tuscawaras; 4. J.D. Nelson, Champaign; 5. Justin Coppersmith, Columbiana/ Mahoning.
• High individuals in placings: 1. Heath Starkey, Champaign II 2. Ian Lokai, Champaign I; 3. Tori Deam, Tuscawaras; 4. Justin Coppersmith, Columbiana/ Mahoning; 5. Lauren Almasy, Trumbull.
• High individuals in reasons: 1. Ian Lokai Champaign I; 2. Sam Jackson, Champaign I; 3. Lauren Almasy, Trumbull; 4. Keaton Topp, Auglaize/Shelby; 5. Tori Deam, Tuscawaras.
• High teams overall: 1. Champaign I; 2. Trumbull; 3. Stark; 4. Auglaize/Shelby; 5.Tuscawaras.
• High teams in placings: 1. Champaign I; 2. Tuscawaras, 3. Auglaize/Shelby; 4. Holmes; 5. Champaign 2.
• High teams in reasons: 1. Champaign, 2. Stark, 3. Auglaize/Shelby, 4. Trumbul, 5. Tuscawaras.

• High individuals overall: 1. Ella Jackson Champaign; 2. Ethan Starkey, Champaign II; 3. Noah Anderson, Adams I; 4. Kaleb Kliner, Wayne/Holmes; 5. Tanner Topp, Wayne/ Holmes.
• High individuals in placings: 1. Morgan Eades, Champaign II; 2. Ella Jackson, Champaign; 3. Ethan Starkey, Champaign II; 4. Noah Anderson, Adams I; 5. Adam Cordy, Lorain.
• High individuals in reasons: 1. Ella Jackson, Champaign; 2. Tanner Topp, Wayne/Holmes; Brennan Topp, Wayne/Holmes; 4. Hannah Dye, Mahoning/Columbiana, 5. Abby Bonnot, Stark.
• High teams overall: 1. Champaign, 2. Wayne/Holmes, 3. Adams I, 4. Mahoning/Columbiana; 5. Trumbull 1
• High teams in placings: Champaign II, 2. Trumbull I, 3. Wayne/Holmes, 4. Adams I, 5. Auglaize/Shelby.
• High teams in reasons: 1. Wayne/Holmes, 2. Mahoning/Columbiana, 3. Champaign II, 4. Adams I, 5. Stark I.

All divisions:
• High individuals overall in placings: 1. Heath Starkey, Champaign; 2. Morgan Eades, Champaign, 3. Ian Lokai, 4. Ella Jackson, 5. Ethan Starkey, Champaign
• High individuals overall in placings and reasons: 1. Ella Jackson, Champaign; 2. Ethan Starkey, Champaign; 3. Noah Anderson, Adams I; 4. Kaleb Kliner, Wayne/Holmes; 5. Tanner Topp, Wayne/Holmes.