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Maryland Holstein Spring Show
Top prizes of 148-head show go to several families

WEST FRIENDSHIP, Md. -- The Mike Iager family, Bob Smith and family; the Ehrhardt family, Gene Iager and the Patrick family were the biggest winners at the Maryland Holstein Spring Show, held here on April 5 at the Howard County Fairgrounds.

• The Mike Iager family, Bulldog Holsteins, was named Premier Exhibitor.

• Bob Smith and family from My Lady’s Manor were named Premier Breeders.

• The Ehrhardts and Gene Iager were partners in the senior and grand chammpion.

• The Patricks, Maple Dell Farms, were awarded the reserve ribbons for both senior and grand.
Judge Matt Lawrence from Mercer, Pa., placed the 148 head shown. Following is a summary of his top placings in each class.

Winter calves (20): 1. Guyview Damion Dumpling (Erbacres Damion), Katelyn Iager; 2. Savage-Leigh Sympatico Lora (Dymentholm S Sympatico-ET), Kendall Welsh; 3. Savage-Leigh Fever Ella (Crackholm Fever-ET), Andie Grace Welsh.

Fall calves (24): 1. MD-Dun-Loafin Atwood Meg (Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET), Dun-Loafin Farm; 2. Windy Knoll View Convane-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Madison Iager; 3. Savage-Leigh Celestes Final (Mr Apples Armani), Connor Savage.

Summer yearlings (11): 1. Bulldog Gifford Platinum (Lady’s Manor Alex Gifford-ET), Bulldog Holsteins; 2. Milksource Gold Lassie (Braedale Goldwyn), Shelby Iager; 3. Pheasant Echos At Willow-ET (Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET), Jaycey Miller.

Spring yearlings (11): 1. Savage-Leigh Windbrook Sami (Gillette Windbrook-ETS), Savage-Leigh Farm; 2. J&K-Vue Goldwyn Georgia-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Peace & Plenty Farm; 3. Savage-Leigh Alex Licori (Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET), Connor Savage.

Winter yearlings (8):
1. Glad-Ray-K Allstar-Red (Patience Sholine Contender-Red), Kayla Umbel; 2. Savage-Leigh Camden Laurie (MD-Valleyvue Camden-Red-ET), Savage-Leigh Farm; 3. Savage-Leigh Alex Lane (Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET), Chase Savage.

Fall yearlings (10): 1. Savage-Leigh Staci-ET (Toc-Farm Goldsun-ET), Kendall Welsh; 2. Savage-Leigh Gold Lush (Braedale Goldwyn), Connor Savage; 3. Peace & Plenty Gwyn Pepper-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Peace & Plenty Farm.

Junior champion (Junior show): Guyview Damion Dumpling, Katelyn Iager.

Reserve junior champion (Junior show): Savage-Leigh Gold Lush, Connor Savage.

Junior champion (open show): Bulldog Gifford Platinum, Bulldog Holsteins.

Reserve junior champion (open show): Savage-Leigh Staci-ET, Kendall Welsh,.

Junior best three (2): 1. Savage-Leigh Farm; 2. MD-Dun Loafin.

Unfresh 2-year-olds (6): 1. Lehigh-View Sanchez Dynamite (Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez), Jordyn Griffin; 2. Woodrose Shtl Katia-ET (Picston Shottle-ET), Eric Smith; 3. Ms Danas Bradnick Dorie (Regancrest-SV Bradnick), BJ Harrison.

Junior 2-year-olds (3): 1. Lady’s Manor Wind Divine-ET (Windbreak), My Lady’s Manor; 2. MD-Maple-Dell Goldsun Inga (Toc-Farm Goldsun-ET), Derek Patrick; 3. Sutton Hvezda Tezz (Orbe-View S Storm Hvezda-ET), Jillian Sutton.

Senior 2-year-olds (12): 1. Mar-Del-View Axe Lauren (Rob-Sara Axe 1768-ET), Eric Smith; 2. Peace & Plenty Atwd Jubilant (Maple-Downs-I G WAtwood-ET), Peace & Plenty Farm; 3. Li Mr Fever Adelia (Crackholm Fever), My Lady’s Manor.

Junior 3-year-olds (9): 1. Savage-Leigh Atwood Lic-ET (Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET), Shelby Iager; 2. Pheasant Echos Tepted Willie (PE Tempted Red), Pheasant Echo’s Farm; 3. MD-Dun-Loafin Gold May-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Dun-Loafin Farm.

Senior 3-year-olds (7): 1. Bulldog Braxton Grand (Regancrest S Braxton-ET), Bulldog Holsteins; 2. Galestone Scatty (Picston Shottle), Shelby Iager; 3. Windsor-Manor Alex Kentucky (Golden-Oaks St Alexander), Peace & Plenty Farm.

Intermediate champion (Junior show): Galestone Scatty, Shelby Iager.

Reserve (Junior show): Mar-Del-View Axe Lauren, Eric Smith.

Intermediate champion (open show): Bulldog Braxton Grand, Bulldog Holsteins.

Reserve (open show): Galestone Scatty, Shelby Iager.

4-year-olds (10): 1. Walnutlawn Goldwyn Jaydin-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Ehrhardt Farms & Gene Iager; 2. Greenlea-TM Atwood B-ET (Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood), Savage-Leigh; 3. Ladys Manor Alexander Bronx (Golden-Oaks St Alexander), My Lady’s Manor.

5-year-olds (7): 1. MD-Maple-Dell Damion Valene (Erbacres Damion), Maple Dell Farms; 2. Beldavid Goldwyn Ruby (Braedale Goldwyn), Shelby Iager; 3. Windsor-Manor Ze Gidget (Braedale Goldwyn), Windsor Manor.

Aged cows (6): 1. Ladys Manor Allanas Dori-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Peace & Plenty Farm and Ron & Emily Heffner; 2. Ladys Manor Allanas Dora-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), My Lady’s Manor; 3. MD-Maple-Dell Zenith Shiela (Ocean-View Zenith-TW-ET), Maple Dell Farms.

Longtime production (4): 1. Ladys Manor Ruby Geri (Braedale Goldwyn), My Lady’s Manor; 2. MD-Dun-Loafin Dundee Memory (Regancrest Dundee), Dun-Loafin Farm; 3. Greenlea Ad Mae-Red-ET (KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET), Savage-Leigh.

Senior champion (Junior show): Glen-Toctin Sanchez Dora (Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez), Katelyn Allen.

Reserve senior champion (Junior show): MD-Delight Shottle Avian (Picston Shottle), Greg Dell.

Grand champion (Junior show): Galestone Scatty (Picston Shottle), Shelby Iager.

Reserve grand champion (Junior show): Mar-Del-View Axe Lauren (Rob-Sara Axe 1768-ET), Eric Smith.

Senior champion (open show): Walnutlawn Goldwyn Jaydin-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Ehrhardt Farms & Gene Iager.

Reserve senior champion (open show): MD-Maple-Dell Damion Valene (Erbacres Damion), Maple Dell Farms.

Grand champion (open show): Walnutlawn Goldwyn Jaydin-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Ehrhardt Farms & Gene Iager,.

Reserve grand champion (open show): MD-Maple-Dell Damion Valene (Erbacres Damion), Maple Dell Farms.

Premier Breeder: My Lady’s Manor.

Premier Exhibitor: Bulldog Holsteins.