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A2 milk holds promise for improved digestion; promotion is underway

A2 milk is the only milk that contains only the original A2 primary variant of the protein beta casein. Guernseys are the prevailing breed for the more easily digestable milk.
Farmshine file photo by Dieter Krieg

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Want to know more about A2 milk and why it offers a big opportunity for the U.S. market?

A2 milk naturally occurres in cow’s milk; not a product of genetic engineering or a technological process. It is recognized as being the original or ancestor beta casein gene in modern cattle. Originally, all domesticated cows produced milk containing only the A2 type of beta casein.

However, following a natural genetic mutation in European dairy herds, beta casein in conventional milk may now be present as one of two primary variant types, A1 or A2

A2 milk is the only milk that contains only the original A2 primary variant of the protein beta casein.

The difference in structure between A2 and A1 beta casein variants can lead to a difference in their breakdown during digestion.
• Anecdotal and consumers commonly report a link between A2 milk and improved digestive comfort relative to milk containing the A1 beta casein (in addition to other benefits relating to adverse milk responses)
• There is a deep and growing body of scientific evidence supporting these health benefits.
• According to the National Dairy Council1, lactose intolerance is overestimated:
- One in four American adults say they experience physical discomfort (lactose intolerance symptoms) after consuming dairy products; however only a small proportion actually suffer from medically diagnosed lactose intolerance
- 81% of people surveyed who experience lactose intolerance symptoms said they would add more milk and other dairy foods to their diets if they knew they could avoid symptoms.

A2 milk presents a significant opportunity for the U.S. market to bring relief to many who experience discomfort when drinking conventional milk and bring them back to the valuable nutritious benefits of 100% natural cow’s milk while reducing or eliminating the downsides.

A2C, a differentiated, premium dairy company is building a thriving business based on unique intellectual property and know-how relating to A2 milk and dairy products globally.

Until recently A2C operated exclusively in the Australian marketplace. A2 milk is the fastest growing milk brand in the Australian total supermarket milk category, holding the No.1 and No.2 ranked skus and is approximately four times larger than the entire organic milk segment in supermarkets.

A2C now has operations in Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and China and is prepared to bring new understanding and availability of A2 milk to U.S. consumers.

To learn more about A2 milk, please visit www.a2milk.com.

A2C is listed on the NZX (New Zealand stock) market and trades under the code ATM.