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‘Promposal’ accepted!

Selah Phillips of Refton and Evan Erb of Lancaster will be going to the Lampeter-Strasburg High School prom together on April 26, thanks to a clever “promposal.” Evan's original idea to ask Selah to the prom was to paint the word "Prom?" on the driveway with gasoline and light it. But his
mother talked him out of that one, convincing him that that plan would work better in the dark. Instead, he enlisted the help of his calf, "Bud," and wrote "PROM?" on Bud's side with non-toxic, animal-safe, livestock marking paint. A mutual friend, Julia Weigel, brought Selah to see Evan's calf, and when she arrived Evan turned the calf around to re"veal" his "promposal!"