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Dairy Club hosts 86th Little All-American

Pictured are the grand champion and reserve grand champion with from left: Class sponsors; Virginia Dairy Maid Hayley Daubert, Lauren Woloohojian, Jason Zimmerman, Seth Johnson, Virginia Dairy Princess Bethany Brown and Eric Paulson, class sponsor.

By Hayley Potts
VT Dairy Club member

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- The 86th Annual Virginia Tech Little All-American Show was held on April 26th. Forty-six exhibitors, including 12 novices, competed in the show. Many alumni, parents, and friends gathered in Blacksburg on this beautiful spring day to support the participants.

The Little All-American is one of the most popular and long standing traditions of the Virginia Tech Dairy Club. Each participant is randomly assigned a heifer to care for over a two-week period. Members are responsible for feeding their heifer twice a day, halter breaking, washing, clipping, and fitting their heifer for the show ring. Novice members are assigned a “big brother/big sister” to mentor them throughout the two weeks and teach them how to fit and care for their heifer. This is a great learning opportunity for less experienced members and a fun time for everyone involved.

The judge for this year’s show was Seth Johnson. Raised in Exeter, R.I., he graduated from Virginia Tech in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in dairy science. Immediately after graduation, Seth began working for the American Guernsey Association, serving as executive secretary from 1999 to 2013. While in this position, he traveled to five countries and almost every state promoting the Guernsey breed. He currently is a dairy technical specialist with Prince Agriproducts covering New England. He was awarded the Virginia Tech William T. Etgen Outstanding Young Alumnus Award in 2008.

Seth has judged numerous shows including local shows in New England, the Ohio State Fair and the Northeast National Milking Shorthorn Show. He also has served on the Ayrshire and Milking Shorthorn All-American judging panels. He will be judging the 2014 Canadian National Guernsey show later this year.

The Dairy Club congratulates exhibitors on their hard work. Champions are as follows:
Grand champion: Jason Zimmerman, Littlestown, Pa.
Reserve grand champion: Lauren Woloohojian, Greene, R.I.
Fitting champion: Jason Zimmerman.
Reserve fitting champion: Lauren Woloohojian.
Holstein champion: Jason Zimmerman.
Reserve Holstein champion: Lauren Woloohojian.
Jersey champion: Mackenzie Moore, Cobleskill, N.Y.
Reserve Jersey champion: James Comstock, Winchester, Va.
Novice champion: Joy Nystrom, Falls Church, Va.
Reserve novice champion: Alyson Fox, Front Royal, Va.
Novice fitting champion: Emily Suess, Richmond, Va.
Reserve novice fitting champion: Joy Nystrom, Falls Church, VA