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Hoard’s Dairyman offers book: ‘Learning Linear’

FORT ATKINSON, Wis. -- Learning Linear, a new book published by Hoard’s Dairyman, provides dairy producers with a valuable resource to boost profitability. There is a direct correlation between a cow’s conformation or type (classification scores) and higher lifetime production. Understanding linear evaluation enhances every dairy farmer’s ability to make better mating decisions resulting in profitable, long-lived dairy cows. And for many others it fosters lifelong skills that will serve them in personal and professional capacities.

Learning Linear is a 24-page educational book with over 90-plus color photos. Each set of photos shows the range of each linear trait and corresponding scores from 5 to 45. This in-depth book based on the Young Dairymen series in our magazine includes a full-page body parts diagram, two linear scoring worksheets, nonlinear traits and the PDCA scorecard.

A great teaching tool for judges of any age, Learning Linear is especially helpful for beginning 4-H or FFA judging members. Significant volume discounts are available when ordering quantities, making these resources affordable for agriculture education classes, FFA teams and 4-H judges. With the full-color photos and worksheets, Learning Linear is a hands-on learning tool that allows the reader to easily visualize the traits and understand the biological range of points.

To learn more and order Learning Linear, visit www.hoards.com/bookstore/line