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Pennsylvania Holstein picnic scheduled for July 5

Scenes from previous Pennsylvania Holstein picnics provide proof of it being an event for good fellowship, food and fun. This year’s picnic is slated for July 5th at the Romano 4-H Center in Chester County.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- The Pennsylvania Holstein Association will hold a summer picnic and sale at the Romano 4-H Center, Honey Brook, on Saturday, July 5, beginning with the sale at 10:00 a.m. A picnic lunch will be available starting at about 1:00 p.m.

The Pennsylvania Holstein Association and the Chester County Holstein Association are working together to host this event for Holstein enthusiasts from all parts of Pennsylvania as well as neighboring states. There will be an opportunity to visit Holstein herds in the Chester County area around the picnic and sale time. Many outstanding herds can be found in the area, check the PHA website: www.paholsteins.com for a map and listing of many of the member herds in the area.

In conjunction with picnic will be the “Summer Social Sale” beginning at 10:00 a.m. and featuring 80 outstanding consignments from around the state and region. “This will be an excellent opportunity to add some great genetics to your individual herds,” declared PHA Director of Sales David Lentz. Watch for sale highlights and updates at www.paholsteinsales.com

The Romano 4-H Center is located along Route 322 in Honey Brook. The address is 1841 Horseshoe Pike.

Ticket information and a listing of sponsors who will be at the picnic and sale will be available very soon.

Mark you calendars and plan to join Pennsylvania Holstein members as they celebrate with a Summer Social Sale and picnic on Saturday, July 5th.